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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Disneyland Coupon Books

Okay people, seriously I had a stroke of BRILLIANCE! I'm not one to boast, but this RARELY happens!
Maybe someone else has come up with this idea, but I haven't heard of it, so in my mind, I STARTED IT!!! WHOO HOO!

Let's get real. Disneyland is pricey to say the LEAST! We have been planning and saving for our Disney trip for over 8 months now. Money isn't too tight, but come on, if anyone wants to retire before the age of 80, money should always be tight. 

Anyway, we have been planning and using this Disneyland trip as an incentive for school, chores, tattle tailing, homework etc.
(oh no, what am I going to do when we don't have this trip to hold over my kids heads and make them behave.................. um.......... I'll cross that bridge after the trip.)

The kids have also been saving up their money and putting it into our "Disneyland Jar." All and any spare cash or coins go into that jar. It has honestly been the BEST THING EVER!! As a parent, you try to teach your kids that they need to EARN things, not always expect a handout. Well, my husband and I decided to tell them they need to earn their ticket into Disneyland. The kids have LOVED having a goal to put their money towards. This is definitely a family earned trip! 

As Christmas quickly approaches, (I had a minor heart attack the other day when someone posted on Facebook that it was 66 days away and I have NOTHING READY YET!) I decided to get my butt in gear and start on some projects that I wanted to make for Christmas. This is one of them.

Like I said before, Disneyland is EEXXXPPPEEENNNSSIIVVEEEE!!!! On top of it we are going to Disneyland a few weeks after Christmas. So, with presents in mind, I decided to make a few of the kids' Christmas presents, DISNEYLAND PRESENTS! That way, I don't have to take out a second mortgage on our house for one dang trip! (just kidding, but for real though)

I came up with.. drum roll please.............


I will wrap up 1-2 coupons in a box and the kids will open them up for Christmas! GENIUS!
They will then have a little coupon book of Disneyland delicacies. 
A churro, a toy under $20 of their choosing, a sticker for their trunk (Yes we collect stickers and put it on our dress up box/trunk), a drink, a dole whip, and more. 

This is a fun gift for kids even if it's not for Christmas!
 They could do chores to earn a coupon around the house before your trip? Good grades for coupons? Read "this many" books for a coupon?? I'm just rambling and spouting out options.

Anyway, make it, take it and LOVE IT!

On a blank document on my GoogleDocs I 'inserted a table.' (4 down and 3 across)
I added the images into each box and simply printed them out on a piece of card stock paper.

I tried to save you a little time by putting the images I saved toward the end of this post! 
You can use them or find your own. 

I printed, cut them out, and I punched holes into the same corner of each picture. I stuck a ring through them all and... PRESTO! Quick and easy coupon book!

Here are a few of the images I saved for the coupon book so you don't have to go around searching for them. Just trying to save you time. Your coupon book can be as big or as small as you want it! These are just the things I remember getting or wanting in the park, you probably have different traditions or memories than we do. That's the fun thing about this, make it unique to your family! Enjoy!

I found all of these pictures on Google Images. 

Enjoy your coupon book!