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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bathtime Baby Basket

Need a cute gift for a baby shower or for a friend?
What about a Bathtime Baby Basket? Everything a new or experienced mom needs for a happy bath time!

Contents of the Bathtime Basket

1 Hooded towel

4 rolled washcloths

2 sleeper jammies

1 duck bath puppet/soft scrubbie mit (found at the dollar store)

1 original head to toe baby wash

1 bath time baby wash

1 baby lotion

Enjoy giving the gift of a sweet bathtime!

I know as a new mother I was so grateful for an array of different gifts. So many people give outfits, which is WONDERFUL, I don't know what I would have done without them! But, I was also thankful for bath soaps, diapers, books and toys.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Pepper Jack Apple Crackers

Who ever said appetizers had to be hard to make in order to be delicious? 
This takes 5 minutes for a plateful of tasty bites.
Just crackers, apples and pepper jack cheese! It's that simple! 
Eat as a snack on the go, or wow your guests with an appetizer to tickle their taste buds. Delish!

Club Crackers (I used multi grain club crackers)

Pepper Jack Cheese cut into strips

Sliced Apple pieces.
(you can use sweet red apples, or tart green apples both are fabulous!)

Thank you Amber, for introducing me to this wonderful appetizing snack!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015


"Let your LIGHT so SHINE, that they may see your good works and Glorify your Father which is in Heaven."

There are people all around you in darkness. SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Share your talents, time, compliments, smile, and happiness to benefit the lives of those around you! 

"You are the LIGHT of the world!"


Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Ham & Cheese Meals Made in Minutes

Five ham & cheese meals made in 5 minutes or less.

This started out as a challenge from my brother-in-law Jared, who is a college student. He told me he needed me to come up with quick easy meals made in 5 minutes or less. 
Well in college you don't have much room for food let alone money for food.
But these meals are affordable, all made quickly, and with basically the same ingredients. 

1 pkg. Ham lunch meat
1 bag Mozzarella cheese
Ranch Dressing

Click on the picture or title to link you to the recipes

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Under the Sea Tuna & Cheese Octopus

 Under the Sea, Tuna and Cheese. Make a normal meal into a masterpiece!
This tuna and cheese octopus made my little girl's day! She sat down and said, "mom it's an oto-pus!" I think I will start making "lunch art" more often.

What's on the plate

(1 can tuna (drained) with 1 T. sour cream, salt and pepper to taste)

Scoop out desired amount of prepared tuna onto the plate
Take 1 string cheese and cut it in half
Slice 4 "legs" into the cheese without cutting it all the way up 
(all 4 legs should be attached at the top)
Add carrot eyes and mouth
Crackers for the sand
Celery and Broccoli for the seaweed!


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Friday, April 17, 2015

Snails in the Garden

Make a fun lunch to keep your kids smiling. This is easy and fun! Bring on the summer picnics or after digging in the garden, delish!

How to make the "snails"
1 tortilla spread with peanut butter & jelly
roll up the peanut butter & jelly tortilla. 
Cut the roll into 6 even pieces.
Cut 1 string cheese in half- (long wise)
Cut a small rectangle out of one end of the string cheese (like in the picture).

Place on the plate and serve! Fun and delicious!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

"Berry" Fun Breakfast

Make your kids' morning with a "berry" fun breakfast! Fast easy and delicious!
Let's all start our day with a smile.

Wheat toast (base)
Peanut butter (face)
Strawberry or Raspberry Jam (hair & mustache)
Strawberry cut in half (nose)
Dehydrated Cranberries (eyes)

Easy and FUN!

Have a few extra minutes to go above and beyond for your kids this morning?

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tuna Salad Wrap

This might be my new favorite lunch, Tuna Salad Wrap. So fast and SOOO GOOD! Two minutes to throw together and two minutes to tear it down! DELISH!

Tuna Salad Wrap

1 (5 oz) can Tuna in water (drained)
1 T. Sour Cream
2 T. Chopped Walnuts
2-3 Strawberries (stem removed & diced)
Salt & Pepper to taste

*optional - add 1 T. diced celery or onion

Lay down 2 tortillas. Place a lettuce leaf on each tortilla. Scoop half of the prepared tuna salad onto one tortilla with lettuce. Place the remaining tuna salad onto the other lettuce and tortilla. Roll up and eat! Easy, portable and delicious!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunshine Breakfast

Start your day with a little bit of sunshine. Make this as a surprise for your spouse, your kids or just you! 
Everyone who's anyone would love to have a sun for breakfast!

Pieces of the sun

Scrambled eggs for the circle
Honey toast for your sun "spikes"
Clementine Orange for added sun flares.


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Friday, April 3, 2015

Grilled Ham & Cheese

Here is our last and final Ham & Cheese meal made in minutes! Grilled Ham & Cheese! The melty cheese, warm ham and crispy bread makes this sandwich a family favorite. This is a fast lunch or dinner for the busiest of people!

Grilled Ham & Cheese

2 Slices of bread
2 slices of Ham (lunchmeat)
1/4 c. Shredded Mozarella Cheese

On a flat griddle or large skillet heat your pan on Medium/High.

Butter one piece of bread. Place the buttered bread (BUTTER DOWN) onto the hot skillet.

Place the ham and cheese on top of the bread.

Butter your last piece of bread and place butter side UP on top of the meat and cheese.

Flip the sandwich when the bottom is golden brown.

Turn off the heat. Remove the sandwich when the other side is browned.

Eat with your favorite fruit and veggie for a complete meal! 


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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ham & Cheese Omelet

Go grab that Ham & Cheese at the grocery store and lets get cooking! Here is our 4th day of Ham & Cheese meals made in minutes. This single serving Ham & Cheese Omelet deserves a round of applause, it's protein packed and (if needed), gluten-free! 
DELISH! Perfect for any meal of the day!

Ham & Cheese Omelet

2 large Eggs
3 slices of Ham (lunch meat) cut into squares
1/4 c. Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Salt to taste

Heat a small skillet over medium high heat. Coat REALLY well with non stick cooking spray.

In a bowl, whip your eggs until smooth. 

Pour your eggs into the coated skillet. Dash with salt.

Get a spatula and turn over the egg "pattie" when slightly browned to cook the other side. Sprinkle the cheese and ham over top. 

Fold the egg "pattie" in half over the cheese and ham. Remove the omelet from the skillet and eat! 


*Garnish with Avocado, Salsa, Sour Cream, Green Onion, Tomato, Ketchup, etc. Whatever you want!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ham & Cheese Quesadilla

Here is #3 in our week of fast and easy meals made in minutes for busy people.
 I love ham and cheese! I grew up eating ham and cheese sandwiches, it was one of our family's staples. This is my twist on a classic. A classic cheese quesadilla with added ham! My kids (and I) LOVE this for lunch! Delish!

Ham & Cheese Quesadilla

2 Tortillas  -  (Want to make Healthy Homemade Tortillas? Click HERE)
2 slices of Ham lunch meat
1/4 c. shredded Mozzarella cheese

Place 1 tortilla on a plate and sprinkle 1/4 c. cheese on top. Layer the 2 ham slices and top with your second tortilla. 

Microwave for 22-25 seconds or until cheese is melted.

Slice like a pizza and eat up!

* Made in 2 minutes!

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