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Friday, April 11, 2014

Finger Puppets

Who doesn't love Finger Puppets? Well, these little felt bad boys I whipped up have saved us from a LOT of embarrassing moments. These keep my kids QUIET during church- at restaurants etc. They are AWESOME! I previously only made the 5 "farm animals" and quickly realized I needed to make another 5, so each of my children could have a handful of finger puppets. These were quick and easy! 

Grab your first piece of felt and a thin sharpie - trace around your finger to make a template.

Cut it out and use that "hour glass" template for the rest of your felt animals

I cut all of the details out and placed them under each finger template! Can you guess what they are just by seeing the color and felt details?

Grab your templates and fold in half - good sides touching-, sew down both sides.

Turn right side out

Then repeat - Sew your other felt finger puppets.
Sewing DONE!

Grab your hot glue gun and a thin sharpie

Hot glue all of the details onto the finger sleeves then draw eyes, mouth, nose, tail etc. 

Continue until all are done! SO CUTE!

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