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Monday, July 13, 2015

FHE Gospel Treasure Hunt

We love Family Home Evening. This week we went on a treasure hunt! Young or old, everyone loves treasure hunts! I am so thankful for church magazines and ideas on how to make our Family Home Evening's more meaningful. This is what we did!

1. Make a diagram of your back yard, or home.

(I let my little girl color it, she thought it was so fun to make a map of our back yard!)

2. Make your mini treasure box and coins.

Find the treasure box and coin printable HERE
(Compliments of the April 2013 Friend Magazine)

3. Draw a large X on the homemade map of where you hid your coins.

4. Let the hunt begin!

5. Once the treasure is found, Bask in the Glory - aka talk about the happiness the treasure brings to our lives.

Finish with a treat!

We made our favorite Homemade Oreo's

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