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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Homemade Summer School

My little girl is going into Kindergarten this fall and she is totally pumped! I'm super nervous and also really excited to have her start on her education journey. Well, she just graduated preschool and the day after graduation she asked, "Is preschool today?!" I had a very distinct impression I need to do more for her this summer to help her keep the education she has gained, fresh. I also know how much she loves to learn and make projects so I decided to make her a "Homemade Summer School." This is definitely also for my active 3 year old boy who wants nothing to do with writing. He will greatly benefit from a little bit of pre-learning before he goes into preschool. 

I pooled together what I already had on hand and I am BEAMING with how it all turned out! I was shocked when I saw that I had everything to put our school wall together. 
We will be doing 3 days a week so WE don't get burned out. This will take a bit of planning and creativity, but thanks to the dollar store and their alphabet work books, and crafts this will be a cinch! 

Contents of the wall

1 capital/lowercase alphabet printed out on brown paper, cut with a circle punch then glued to a long strip of thick green wrapping paper! Use what you have! This took me 20 minutes to make!

1 green chalkboard - given to me by my sister a few weeks ago. (Thanks Candace)

2 bulletin boards with large black clips to post letter of the day, shapes, or artwork.

1 "Number Board" aka: scrap piece of wood with large black number stickers on it! 

1 magnetic dry erase board to use for circle time.

Desks or kids table. My little girl sits in her desk and my boy loves his kids table! 
It works great for my 2 kiddos. Seat according to the number of "students" you have!

Summer School Lesson Plan

Pledge of Allegiance 
(I bought a small flag to hang on the wall not it the picture)

Circle Time
1. Weather of the day
2. Letter of the day
3. Shape of the day
4. Color of the day
5. Number of the day

Workbook  Time
 Letter of the day page, and number of the day page
(Dollar Store Alphabet Workbooks)

Finger painting, chalk board drawing, color page, etc.

Story Time
Books with the letter of the day, color of the day, etc.

End of learning hour
Play time outside, inside, park, run errands to the grocery store. ANYTHING! Go get moving! IT'S SUMMER!

Check out a few fun kids crafts you could make for craft time! 

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