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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Super Mom "Kids Fill in the Blank" Paper

I LOVE when I get papers where my kids fill in the blanks! I especially love getting those for Mother's Day! I am blessed to be able to sub in a Primary class in church tomorrow, on Mother's Day! So, I made a "SUPER AWESOME" fill in the blank thankful page.
We are learning about the ten lepers that Jesus healed and how only one came back to thank him.
We will be talking about how thankful we are for Jesus and our moms. 

Let's be honest. Its takes some sweet super powers to do what we do. And it will be fun to see what our kids say about us!

Use this for mother's day or a little pick me up on a rainy day. Give it to your kids and have them fill it in by themselves, or have dad help them. 

Save the picture I made and print it out at your convenience. 

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