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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Birthday Bouquet - Teen Essentials

It's birthday time for one of my nieces. She is turning the big ONE-SEVEN! I can't believe it! The hardest thing about having nieces is knowing what to get them for their birthday's! Well this year, I had a marvelous idea! I would take my flower arranging experience and make a girl "teen essentials" birthday bouquet. This will last a lot longer than a flower arrangement would! Besides, what teen girl doesn't love more gum and candy for school, new lip gloss, nail polish, and mascara? I know when I was 17 I would have loved this gift! SCORE! BEST AUNT AWARD RIGHT HERE!

1 Mug
Flower Foam
Thick Bamboo Skewers
Teen essentials:
Lip Gloss
Chap Stick
Small Compact Mirror
Small Wipes
Nail Polish
Car Air Freshener
Small Lotion
Hot Chocolate Packet

Step 1: Fill the mug with the flower foam. squeeze it in so it doesn't move

Step 2: Tape each "teen essential" to a skewer.

Step 3: Poke the skewered essentials into the flower foam -mug. Biggest in back - smaller up front.
 Cut skewers at different lengths when needed- if not cut everything will be all one height.

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