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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Lucky" Season Picture

Living in a home with limited storage space it poses a problem when I want to have seasonal decorations. I came up with an idea of making 12x12 scrapbook pages for each season. I have a 12x12 picture frame next to my front door. The pages are changed out each month. It is cheap, and takes up next to no space. It also still gives us the "holiday" of the month feeling.

This picture was very simple. I grabbed a 12x12 solid green paper I liked. I grabbed my scrap box of scrap book paper and made 4 of the same "not perfect" hearts of different greens and patterns. I was given by my wonderful mother a book called sticker nestables. It is a whole book of thick sticker borders. That is the brown and green polka dot and the square design "frames". They are sticker borders I just slapped on there! SO EASY! I then came to my computer and typed up the "How Lucky Are We." I played with the fonts to make it fun, and printed it out. I cut and glued it onto a scrap book page I already used in the four leaf clover. I cut out a stem and then glued the 4 leaf clover down. It was super easy and looks GREAT!

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