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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make Your Jeans Skinny

I've been wanting another pair of skinny jeans for a while now. But then suddenly, my mind went into budget mode and I thought of 2 other pairs of jeans that I rarely wear that I could MAKE into skinny jeans! TA DA! I instantly made up my mind to make it work! AND IT DID! YAY! I was so excited! Not one penny out of pocket and just the way I wanted them! Take a look! Make some jeans skinny today!

My pair of skinny jeans I wanted to "mimic." The pair with the cuffs on the bottom are the skinny jeans. 

Turn the pair you want to make skinny inside out.

Place the jeans you wand to mimic on top. 
* Make sure the INSIDE seams of the jeans match up like so. A dear friend of mine taught me that all jeans have a straight inside seam. The side seams are where the "hip" and "flair" designs are.

Pin all along side the skinny jeans where you will sew. Don't forget to make it a gradual/soft way into the original seam. Like the orange pin you see, it slowly goes into the original side seam.

When done sewing, try on the jeans to make sure the sides are even and feel right! If not, make adjustments and sew again. When satisfied, cut the excess jean off. 

TA DA! You're very own skinny jeans! Worthy of being right out of the store!

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  1. That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Very neat idea. Thanks so much for sharing on Much Ado About Monday. :)


  3. Nice blog. Thank you for sharing this idea. I can now have plenty pairs of skinny jeans .