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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Asian Chicken Ramen

Try a new spin on your classic Ramen Noodles. I lived off of these in high school, I'm sure many of you have the same story. It was lunchtime one day and my kids as usual wanted noodles for lunch. I had an idea to change them up a bit and make them different. Add chicken, veggies and sauce. It turned out awesome! Fast and fabulous!

Asian Chicken Ramen

4 packages of Ramen Noodles
1-2 chicken breasts - cubed
3 carrots, peeled and sliced
1 celery stalk- rinsed and sliced
1 handful of spinach - rinsed

In a large skillet saute chicken, carrots, and celery in 2 T. Olive Oil. Dash with Salt and Garlic Powder. In another pan, bring to boil 6-8 c. water. Place packaged noodles into the water and cook until they've reached your desired consistency. (discard flavor packets) When noodles are done drain and place in the chicken veggie skillet. Turn heat off and add 2 T. Soy Sauce and 2 T. Terriyaki Sauce. Fold in spinach to finish. Yum!

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