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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Theme Your Book Days

Do you read books to your kids everyday? Well, you're not alone. My kids LOVE reading books, and I love reading to them! I love that they love learning! We go to our local library every week for story time. My kids EAT IT UP! I got an idea from them one day. They always have a different theme for their story time, so I asked myself, "why can't I?"

First of all, I would like to thank my 5 nieces who kept their books in such nice shape to hand them down to us. I am thankful for my mom who kept all of my favorite books growing up in a box to save for me to use now. I am thankful for those who have given us books brand new. Books are expensive, so every time someone gives us a new book, we are ecstatic! 

I grabbed our mountain of books and together my daughter and I sorted them into themes. She was so excited! I took a few pictures for you, then placed them into a clear bin so I could grab out a "theme" a day. It has been a BLAST teaching my kids through stories. 

Here are our themes for the day
(Yours are probably different due to the fact that EVERYONE has different books)

Bath Time/Bubbles
Counting Books
Dr. Seuss 
Books about the Moon
Bed Time
Alphabet Books
World/Different Cultures

I hope this inspires you to have fun themed reading days with your kids!

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  1. Cute idea Brooklyn! We have most of our books sorted by series - Dr. Seuss, Golden, Beatrix Potter, Alpha-pets, Disney, etc. but that's probably more due to my personal OCD. I'm going to try to start choosing our library books by theme for the school year though. Sounds like fun!