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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fence Post Wall Map

This is my newest, most favorite thing I have in our new home! 
I made this a few weeks ago with my cousin Dallin while my husband was away for a few days. I wanted it to be a surprise when he got home, and man was it ever! Thank heavens Dallin was here to help me or it never would have been done in time! 
I had a BIG wall in our basement and had NO idea what to do with it. I have always wanted a giant world map. My sister has one in her basement but it was a giant canvas and I didn't have the money to spend on one. I looked around our new home and found materials left from grandparents (we purchased my husband's grandparents home) and we did it! We had everything on hand! 
I found some old wood fence posts on the side of the house, and a full quart of white ceiling paint in a storage room. We grabbed them and went to town! This whole thing was free to me! I didn't have to go out and buy a thing! I am SO BLESSED! 
It could be free for you too! Here's what we did!

Steps 1.- 4. as seen above in the picture

Fence Posts, we did NOTHING to these fence posts. One side was lighter and "sun scorched" while the other had a little stain still on it. Pick the side you want and lay out the boards you want. We used 12 boards total. 10 for the "surface boards" and 2 for the "braces." I lined up the surface boards the way I wanted them. I didn't want it perfect, I wanted it a little mismatched and "rustic."

Grab 2 more boards and cut them (that's where Dallin came in, we didn't have a table saw) to fit vertically, as shown in the picture.
Nail or screw the 2 "brace boards" to ALL of the boards you laid out. it took quite a few screws. But at least I know it's secure.

Then we washed it. we sprayed it down and made sure there were no "friends" living inside. These boards had spiders and cob webs at every bead, they were dusty and dirty so it definitely needed a shower. Let it dry in the sun, then bring it into your home for painting. 
(Don't forget to put a sheet or drop cloth down, then put the wood piece on it)

Find a family member or a friend you can borrow a projector from. I was lucky enough to have an uncle who uses projectors for work and he had 2 extra! I hooked it up to my computer, found the map I wanted, and started painting once my kids were in bed.

I grabbed our THICK ceiling paint we had on hand and started to outline each continent. The ceiling paint was a fluke, but worked amazing! It was PERFECT for what I needed it to do. It was so thick that it got right into the wood and didn't "soak" in. I only had to paint 1 coat!

Lastly, fill in the outlined continents with your paint, to make them solid.

Let dry, then hang up!
My father in law was kind enough to come out and use his tools to screw this bad boy right into the wall. I have such an AWESOME family!

I hope you find inspiration in this and can make one of your own!
I didn't think I could ever make this, but it's possible! Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!

Here's a special thanks to everyone who helped me!
Papa Hansen
Uncle Rob & Aunt Laura

This is up today for you Em! xo

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