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Monday, November 17, 2014

Samuel the Lamanite FHE

Need an easy Family Home Evening lesson for tonight?! Try this! I have it all here for you. Scriptures to tell the story, the coloring page and the song. This is one of our favorites! Toothpicks to act as arrows and a clear bowl as Heavenly Father's protection. Try it out!

Read Scriptures 
Helaman 13:1-6; 14:2-6; 16:1-8

Color and cut out a Samuel.

(To find Samuel the Lamanite printable click HERE)

Take a clear glass or plastic bowl and place it over the coloring of Samuel.
Get tooth picks to act as arrows. Let the children take turns throwing "arrows" at Samuel on the wall. Heavenly Father protects us when we do His will. 

Sing Book of Mormon Stories verse 7 about Samuel

Fast, easy and to the point.

Happy Family Home Evening Lesson!

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  1. Thanks. This was really fabulous for FHE with my 3 year old boy tonight