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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canning Ring Minion Goggles

Check out these easy 2 step Minion Goggles! I made these in seriously 4 minutes! OH YEAH! I had everything on hand - canning rings, tape, hot glue, and elastic... it was meant to be.
 When editing these pictures my little girl came over my shoulder and said, "Mom is that you?" I said, "Yes.... doesn't it look like me?" She said, "No, you look just like a minion! Bee doe bee doe." SCORE!
If I can fool my little girl that these were real Minion Goggles, I'm sure you can too!
 Only 2 steps to easy Canning Ring Minion Goggles!

Step 1: Tape 2 silver "regular mouth" canning rings together.

Step 2: Hot glue a piece of elastic (about 15 inches long) to both sides of the canning ring edges.

*Optional* Step 3: If you are wearing these awesome homemade goggles for a long period of time, I suggest hot gluing narrow pieces of felt on the rings edge where your nose hits. It will provide much comfort for long goggle wearing.

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