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Monday, October 5, 2015

Spider Web Hair!

Halloween is upon us - are you ready? Check out this fun hair do I did on my little girl! We call it "Spider Web Hair!" If I can do it - you can do it!
Here are step by step picture instructions!

1. Part and tie 4 squares into small pony tails as shown above.

2. Tie another row of 4 square pony tails as shown above.

3. Work JUST with the first row - Grab half of each pony tail and 
tie a rubber band. 
Continue down the row. 

4. When you get to the last pony tail of the row - don't separate the hair simply tie it all together with the other half as shown.

5. Separate the "new" gathered hair into equal halves.

6. Connect half of the "new" pony tail with another half of the second row as shown.

7. Continue "halving" and connecting down the row.

8. Connect 3 and 3 as shown - then connect the last 2 together.


Spider Web Hair conquered! SO CUTE!


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