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Monday, December 7, 2015

Foil Ring Trick for Baked Pies

Protect your pie crusts with this simple trick. An aluminum foil ring over your crust during cooking will keep your pie crust golden brown NOT TURN BLACK! I've had way to many pumpkin pie crusts over the years end up burned! YUCK! All that work for a nasty pie! This tip from my mom has saved my Thanksgiving and Christmas pies forever! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

Before pie crust preparation make your foil rings!

Step 1:
Place your pie pan upside down onto the aluminum foil and trace with a pen or pencil.

Step 2:
Cut 1/2 inch away from outer edge of the traced circle.

Step 3:
Cut 1/2 inch away from the marked circle in the inner edge to finish your ring.

Step 4:
Place your ring on the empty pie pan to make sure it will fit!
If it doesn't, no problem-try again! 

Place the foil ring over your prepared pie before baking.

Keep the ring on during the duration of baking. 

Remove the foil ring when pie is finished.

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