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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hold to the Rod - Our Family Motto

As a family we wanted to come up with a "motto" that defined us as a family, that we wanted to strive for and to always remember. We needed this "motto" to be something serious, fun and small child approved. My husband shared that one of his favorite scripture stories was Lehi's Dream with the rod of iron and the tree of life. My children and I also love that story. 
We unanimously agreed with "Hold Tight to the Iron Rod" as our motto. 

We even decided after family prayers to come in all together to hold our two fists together like we are holding on to the rod, and say "Hold TIGHT!" 

My kids LOVE "Iron Rod "Knucks." It makes it fun for them, and as they get older they can appreciate the constant reminder of holding on tight to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I just stumbled upon this new necklace at LDS Bookstore! AHH! IT IS PERFECT! 

If you are in need of a constant reminder to hold strong to the iron rod, this is it!!!
I just ordered mine! WHOO HOO! So cute!

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