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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lehi's Dream Family Home Evening

We had a Family Home Evening about Lehi's Dream and the Tree of Life.
It was very basic due to the ages of our children, but it was fun and I know they will remember it for a long time. I feel that small object lessons always stay with my kids a little more. Like our Samuel the Lamanite FHE. I feel that doing an activity along with the scripture story makes it more "real" for them.
This is what we did to learn about Lehi's Dream.

I took a ball of yarn, tied it to the red desk, and squeezed it to our stair railing.
I grabbed the first thing I saw that looked like a tree,
my flower arrangement did the trick.
(you can use a picture of a tree, sticks from your yard, anything!).
 I then grabbed a couple apples for the fruit. 

(This was as basic as basic can be, you can go all out or just keep it simple)

We started in our basement with the lesson, keeping what I set up a secret. 
I sat the kids down and told them a VERY basic version of Lehi's Dream.
( 1 Nephi 8; 11:21-22, 25; 15:36)
I found a condensed (child) version of Lehi's Dream from the Friend magazine,
I loved it!

After we talked about the dream, I told them, "We are going to the tree of life!
We have to hold to the rod to get to the tree of life. Remember there is darkness all around in Lehi's Dream, so we need to keep our eyes closed. Try not to let go, or you might get lost. But if you do let go, keep your eyes closed and try to find your way back to the rod."

They LOVED holding onto the railing and string. When they made it to the desk, they couldn't wait to eat the apples! My little girl took a bite and said, "Look! Now I'm happy!" (from the Friend magazine's version, CLICK HERE)

We can all be happy if we follow God's commandments and do what's right even when people (in the big building) mock or make fun of us. Hold tight to the teachings of Jesus Christ and we can all be happy.

Need more Family Home Evening Ideas with lessons, games and treats?

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through your guest post at dessert now dinner later! and I can't stop looking at everything! I love this FHE idea and am going to do it next week with my kids. I will definitely be staying awhile and browsing all your great stuff :) Have a great day.
    Jessica @

  2. So perfect! Thanks for the idea!