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Monday, October 24, 2016

Laundry Room / Sewing Room Fix Up

I'm crazy excited about my new "sewing room/station." Ever since we moved into our home, last February, I haven't been able to find a permanent place to set my sewing machine. I sew constantly. I am mending holes in pants, fixing dresses, taking in shirts, and making pillows for us, family and friends. Seriously I use my sewing machine ALL the time! I've needed to find a set spot for my sewing machine that wasn't in the way but functional at the same time.

I went into my laundry room the other day and I looked at the small counter and cabinets next to my washer and dryer with new light. I don't fold my laundry in the laundry room, I fold it on the couch so I can watch a show and sit comfortably while I do a chore I sincerely dislike VERY much. 
The counter top and cabinets have been very under used. The drawers were empty and the cabinets held a few books. Nothing that couldn't easily be moved. 

(My brain conversation)
"Why have I not thought of this before!?! 
This will be PERFECT! I can put my presser foot into the large cabinet and sit up at the counter top. YES! 
Oh man, the blue cabinets. I am not a fan of these blue cabinets. The cabinets aren't the worst color though, someone took quality time to paint these, they're not that bad. Mixed with other colors, they could be nice... hmmm.... what could I do to bring in more color? I love blues and greens together... I could make a pallet that had this cabinet blue in it. But what could I do to fill the wall space? I want something fun, I want something cute to look at while I sew.... WAIT.... I HAVE IT! GIANT PAPER FLOWERS!"
(exit brain conversation)

I have been LOVING the pins on pinterest of "giant paper flowers!" They are GORGEOUS! I was in SHOCK at how easy they are to make! Just paper, hot glue and some time, then you have a wall to WOW at! Seriously! 
I am BEAMING at how I took something I already had and made a totally new space with supplies on hand! Look around your home and see things differently. Look for new options you may have not seen before. It took me 8 months to see this one. Possibilities in every home are endless!

My niece Maren and I made these fun paper flowers. She was a great help and loved getting crazy crafty with me. I simply looked at the great tutorials on Pinterest of how to make these giant paper flowers and just went for it! They were so easy! Just about an hour of time and we had 6 fun flowers to make my sewing station fun! 

Click HERE to see the Pinterest page of tutorials.

*Thanks for your help Mare-Bear!

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