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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Kitchen Makeover

I was talking to my cousins one day and had mentioned that we painted our kitchen when we first moved into our new home and they wanted to see pictures. I didn't have any side by side pictures at the time so here they are. I have honestly been putting off this post because I didn't want to have to explain in detail the true trial it was! This was a HARD. This was a very long challenging undertaking for us. I will not sugar coat it as some people may do. It took us a VERY long time. Many tears, sweat and sore muscles went into our house makeover.
Was it worth it?
YES, of course, in the long run, I am SOOO happy with how it turned out, but man it was ROUGH getting there! One of the longest months of my life!

We purchased our home and loved the layout and everything it had to offer. It was truly the perfect house for us. We were very fortunate to get it so quickly. I knew I would wanted to paint the walls and cupboards. They were very nice, but just not my style. The walls were creamy-gold and olive green. I am more of a "cool color" person instead of "warm tones." 

We painted the walls before we redid the floor, in case any paint got on the floor. If it did, it was okay, we were going to sand it off anyway. We still used drop cloths, but we weren't as careful. Our family in town helped us paint basically the whole house! We painted the whole upstairs the same color, so we purchased a 5 gal. bucket of paint. THANK YOU FAMILY FOR YOUR HELP! WE LOVE YOU! It helped so much to have a painting buddies! It goes faster and is way more fun! 
(I am a "master painter" if anyone needs a painting buddy, you know who to call!)

The hardwood floor needed to be refinished before we moved in. Just average wear and tear from the family and their dog before us. So we decided to stain the floor and refinish it ourselves. I can TOTALLY see why people PAY others to do it, and why it costs so much! PHEWPH! SERIOUSLY! Sanding the whole floor, sweeping and mopping for days (literally DAYS) because every speck of dust or dirt had to be off before you stain and seal it! I never thought I could get blisters from sweeping and mopping, boy was I wrong! 

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MY FLOOR! I wouldn't change a thing about it! 

Bless my husband's soul for giving me my dream floor, cupboards, and walls! He is the BEST!

We purchased a paint sprayer and my husband sprayed the cabinet doors. We tinted our primer and primed the doors 2 times, then painted 2 coats of paint. I primed and painted the cupboard edges. The hardware store now knows us by first name. One of us was in there almost every day for over a month. 

After painting, we needed to add hardware! I am a handle/knob person. I like to have handles on my cabinet doors. I've broken too many nails on cabinets and drawers that didn't have knobs or handles, so I made it a point that we were going to have hardware this time! I am very pleased with our choice. The only thing negative about the handles we chose is that the corners are SHARP! I wanted a very crisp line/edge on our handles but with little kids, they are not very forgivable. We have been scratched a few times from pointy corners of the handles, and learned fast to keep a safe distance. So my advice, if buying hardware for your kitchen or bathroom, check the corners to see if they are smooth or sharp.

(In the bottom left picture, you see my husband's can of spray on texture exploded!)

BIGGGG Note to self:
If anyone you know is moving in, or redoing any part of their house, take them a meal! They are beyond exhausted and do NOT want to cook dinner after a long day. 

-A simple meat tray and rolls
-Fried chicken and potatoes
-Deli sandwiches

I broke down in tears when my sister came by out of the blue and brought us a rotisserie chicken and bakery cookies. It was a crazy long day and I had had it with EVERYTHING! She was truly a heaven send. It wasn't much to her, but to me it was everything that day. She was at the grocery store anyway and simply added two more things to her list. When you are at the end of your rope and someone gives you a hand, it makes the bad days turn good. 

Hardwood stain color: Harbor Mist (grey stain)
Cabinet Color: Late Night Serenade

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