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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Girls Camp Sunshine Notes!

After seeing my Girls Camp Pocket Post, you are probably wondering, "What are all the note cards in the pockets?" Well let me tell you......
They........ are.....SUNSHINE NOTES!
My sister Candace came up with Sunshine Notes years ago, and they have become a tradition for her and I to initiate them into the different girls camps we are involved in. 

Simply place colored or white lined notecards on a picnic table with stickers, markers and pens; then watch the fun begin! The girls and leaders get sunshine and love through those notes to last them a LIFETIME! Everyone writes uplifting sweet messages, short and long, to just about everyone at camp. 

There is ONE rule! We give a warning at the start of camp, if there is ever ONE rude or mean remark on a note we stop all sunshine notes! This is a SAFE/ HAPPY place, there is no place for rude/negative comments. We are spreading SUNSHINE, not rain.
It's sad we have to even warn them, but it's better to be safe than sorry. On a lighter note, we have NEVER had anything like this happen, but we always prepare the girls and leaders.

Girls and leaders go away with a STACK of SUNSHINE at the end of camp. I bought over 1000 notecards last year and we RAN OUT! On the last day I was frantically cutting colored paper I just HAPPENED to have thrown in a tub last minute, so girls could write their last sunshine notes! It was BEAUTIFUL.

One girl told me that she put her sunshine notes up from last year as a border in her bedroom! One leader keeps them on a key ring and takes them with her in her purse. She pulls them out when she needs a little pick me up! THESE SUNSHINE NOTES BLESS LIVES!

Our "Sunshine Note Station" was CONSTANTLY overflowing with girls and leaders writing sweet notes. Many leaders/girls took blank notecards back to their tents because there was NO ROOM for them at the table. 

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  1. This is such a great twist on camp mail! Love it! Did the girls pick up their notes nightly or just get all of them at once when camp was over?