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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Witch Broom Goodie Bags

Having a Halloween party at your children's school or a get together with friends? How about you make some Witch Broom Goodie Bags for everyone? What a way to say thank you and Happy Halloween. This only takes 3 things to make. Brown Paper Bags, Twine or Raffia, and a stick. Fill them with treats, paint supplies, little games or trinkets, the options are endless! Oh I love Happy Halloween Ideas!

1. Fill the brown paper bag with goodies

2. Cut the excess paper bag off the top.

3. Take your twine or raffia and cut lots of pieces all the same length.

4. Insert the stick (or paint brush if you're doing an art kit)

5. Take another piece of twine or raffia and wrap around the top of the bag and twine pieces to hold together.

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