Friday, October 11, 2013

Stretch Your Muffin Mix

We are definite muffin eaters, especially Corn Muffins. We love corn muffins with dinners like Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Beef Stew, etc. Well I am a big fan of these small portioned muffin mixes, (they keep me from eating 10 muffins in 1 sitting) they are said to just make 6 muffins, perfect for 2 people. The only thing wrong with these muffins, is I have made them 100 times and they are always a little dry and they fall apart in your hands. Aside from that our little family is growing and our 2 children love these corn muffins too, despite the crumbliness. 
What do I do? I STRETCH IT!
By adding 2 more ingredients into this muffin mix that supposedly only makes 6 muffins, I now make 9 Moist and "crumble free" muffins!

Stretch Your Muffin Mix

By adding...
1 egg and
2 T. Apple Sauce
To the other ingredients listed on the box, your Muffin Mix stretches and they are more moist, flavorful and "crumble free!"

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