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Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby Blankets turned into "Big Kid" Quilts

Is your linen closet like mine was? OVERFLOWING with baby blankets that don't "fit" your "babies" anymore?! I'm still not okay with the fact that my babies have grown to be toddler and kid. That aside, I was going CRAZY with so many baby blankets that weren't big enough to cover them.

We've been so blessed with family and friends who have given us such DARLING baby blankets. These blankets hold more memories for me, than they do for my kids. I just don't have the heart to give them away, for heaven sake, THESE HELD MY BABIES! (tear)

So, I made a decision, I would find a way to re purpose these dear baby blankets into "big kid" blankets that they could cuddle up when watching a movie, making a fort, or picnic on the lawn.
(Light Bulb) Sew them all together to make BIG BLANKETS!
Easy and AWESOME!

My kids won't do ANYTHING without them now- I really wonder what it was like a week ago when we didn't have them.

Grab all of the baby blankets you have stocked up.

Lay out the blankets on the floor and try to match them as best you can 
making them even on all sides. 

Sew the blankets together in sections.
First 2 blankets together - (set aside)
Sew the other 2 blankets together.
 Finish by sewing both sets together.

These were the easiest quilts I've ever sewn, how about you?!

Cuddle, Play, Love

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