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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pom Pom Chicks

Need a quick craft for you and your little one to make for Easter?
How about some easy Pom Pom Chicks?
These chicks have watched movies with us, eaten with us and played with us. My kids LOVE them!
The supplies were given to me for free by We love their craft supplies! These Pom Pom Chicks are one of our favorite crafts to date.


Green Fuzzy Sticks (Pipe Cleaners- Nest)
Yellow Poms (Body)
Tri- Beads Rainbow (Beak)
Adhesive Wiggly Eyes (Eyes)
Hot glue

Take one Yellow Pom and let your child attach the adhesive Wiggly Eyes. Drop a dot of glue and add the orange Tri-Bead for the beak. Glue the other 2 Poms under the "head pom." Repeat until all chicks are made. 
Take the green fuzzy sticks and make a nest.

What a cute nest of chicks to bring in spring!

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