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Thursday, October 29, 2015

5 fun Halloween party games!

5 fun Halloween Games!
I have never thrown a Halloween Party and so I felt pretty clueless when I was put in charge of our cub scout Halloween party. I came up with a couple ideas - then my cub partner came up with a few too. It was SO FUN! Our cub scouts (and kids) had a blast!

Game 1:
Decorate your own cookies! Easy for the host and fun for the party attendant.
Make a "cookie buffet" by placing plates, cookies, frosting, knives, and candies. Everyone can decorate their own cookies! SO CUTE and EASY!

Game 2:
Simply blow up white balloons and draw "ghost faces" on them with permanent marker. The task at hand is to keep the "ghost floating" and to not hit the ground! WAY FUN!

Game 3:
Mummy walk challenge! Wrap your legs in white streamer paper AKA "Mummy Gauze". On the count of 3 walk, jump or wiggly and race to a designated ending point without the "mummy gauze" ripping!

Game 4:
Place light weight balls even distances away from a large pumpkin then say...
"These baby pumpkins have been separated from their mother. The only way to return them without harming them is to blow them or gently nudge them with your nose to keep them from crying."
 The first baby pumpkin to reach the mom wins! 

Game 5:
Halloween Bean Bag Toss! This classic game is fun for all ages. Using Halloween treat buckets as targets keeps with the festivity and fun! 

Need another game idea? We also played Halloween Bingo - I forgot to take a picture!
Print the Bingo Cards we used HERE

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