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Friday, December 18, 2015

Twig & Ribbon Tree Ornaments

The symbolism of the Christmas tree means -eternal life and rebirth. What better decoration to have than a symbol of eternity and rebirth?
Sigh.... I love Christmas, especially the evergreen trees!

Check out these quick cute ornaments! These Ribbon Tree Ornaments come together fast and look so festive on any Christmas tree! Just twigs, green ribbon scraps and hot glue! Make them for your own tree or give them as a small gift to a neighbor or friend.

Picture & Written Directions

Twig & Ribbon Tree Ornament Directions

1. Cut equal strips of ribbon. Place a dot of hot glue on the twig and place your ribbon on the glue.

2. Continue dotting the glue along the twig and securing your ribbon to the twig.

3- 5. Take scissors and cut the excess ribbon off to make a triangle. 

6. Secure a gold thread or string to the top with more hot glue and a small ribbon scrap.

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