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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Beach Ball "Getting to know you game"

We recently went to a swimming pool party for my niece, and took her this beach ball game! I bought a cheap beach ball and wrote questions all over it. You toss the ball and whoever catches it,
 has to answer the question that's under (or near) their right hand pointer finger.

 We played the question game, then after that we played beach volleyball! 
Hey! Two games in one, win-win! 

This was simple and loads of laughs! My sister wanted a list of all of the questions I wrote all over the ball because she thought they were so unique and fun! So, I wrote all of them down and made a list for EVERYONE! My kids came up with some of the questions and they were too funny not to include.

This would be perfect for birthday parties, family reunions,
church activities (for ALL ages) etc.
Have fun!

Beach Ball Questions:

What country do you want to visit?
Favorite room in your house?
Favorite Breakfast?
Favorite Dinner?
Favorite Dessert?
Favorite School Subject?
Favorite Birthday Memory?
Favorite Restaurant?
Something you will NEVER do again?
What Super Power do you wish you had?
Favorite Color?
Favorite Radio Genre?
Favorite Piece of Park Equipment?
Favorite Cartoon Movie?
Favorite Food at Thanksgiving?
Favorite Memory with your Dad?
Favorite Memory with your Mom?
Favorite place to visit?
Favorite camping tradition?
Favorite job you've ever had?
Favorite Board Game?
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Favorite Toy?
What Animal would you be?
Favorite Holiday?
What are small things that make your day better?
What Olympic Sport would you compete in?
Favorite Candy?
Favorite Fruit?
Favorite Vegetable?
Favorite Smell?
Favorite Sport? Play? Watch?
Favorite Christmas Tradition?
Favorite Trip you've ever been on?
Yuckiest Food you've ever eaten?
Favorite type of Cookie?
Favorite Children's Book?
Recite your favorite Nursery Rhyme.
Favorite Primary Song?
Favorite thing to do in the Summer?
Favorite thing to do in the Fall?
Favorite thing to do in the Winter?
Favorite Super Hero?

Have fun! Xo

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