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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2 Piece Basketball Hoop

I made a way to use 2 of your ordinary household items into a Basketball Hoop! 1. A wreath hanger. 2. A laundry basket. The best thing I love about this is I don't have a huge basketball hoop in my living room or outside that never gets played with. If the kids want to play basketball, they can whip this out in no time! I am sure once they are older they will think otherwise, but in the meantime, mommy is likin' this! My second favorite thing is we can play it outside, or inside. For those people living in apartments or those with no backyard, this is a perfect alternative. Hang it on your door!
 Hope you will love this as much as I am! 

Place 1 wreath hanger over a fence or door. Place a laundry basket onto the hanger. Grab some balls and start shooting! 

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