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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No Sew Window Valance

My sister Candace came to visit one weekend and she is a definite decorator at heart. She has such an amazing eye of how to make something out of nothing. She is very much like our mother. I have 2 older sisters. My oldest sister Candace got the decorating eye, my next sister Brittney got the organizing to a "T" gene, and I'm the artsy one. We all inherited MANY things from our mother those are just a few.

 Anyway, as my sister was visiting she noticed I didn't have a curtain over my "awkward" corner windows. I said I didn't know how because the windows are so close I couldn't get a rod to fit. So I left it as is. Well that just wouldn't do for my sister Candace. So she said she remembered something she made with my mom in one of her girl's room's in her previous home. They took cloth napkins and hung them with thumb tacks. I said, no way! That's fun but how could we do that? We started searching my house for something to make a Valance. We found these red cloth napkins she gave me a few months back at a dry cleaners sale for .10 each! We ironed then down and tacked them up! Talk about a big difference! 

Ordinary Square Cloth Napkins

Fold and Measure how long you want each section. We measured out the window molding and figured out how many napkins we needed at 12 inches each.

Iron the napkin down WELL for solid creases

Safety Pin the corners together in the middle

Don't push the pin all the way through, so it doesn't show when you line them all up

I colored my thumb tacks red with a sharpie

Take a small nail and gently tap it through the cloth napkin and the wood. Don't go in too far or the tack won't hold.

Remove the nail...

And tap the tack in place

Repeat until finished! 

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  1. Corner windows are fantastic to have. Good thing Candace noticed what's making it a little less appealing. It should always be dressed. There are a lot of treatment options you can always choose from. All the same, I think what you guys did there was very cute! Li@Dial One WIndows