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Monday, July 8, 2013

Freezer Paper Stencil Necklace

This freezer paper stencil necklace turns this t-shirt dress into something special! It's adds fun character to any shirt. This would be darling on a onesie too! Just 7 simple steps to a successful Freezer Paper Stencil Necklace. Just look and see how easy it is!

1. Supplies: T-Shirt or Onesie, Freezer Paper, Single Hole Punch, Pencil, Fabric Paint and Paint brush, and Iron.
2. Place a piece of freezer paper SHINY SIDE DOWN, and "measure" where you want your necklace to be, trace it lightly with a pencil.
3. Cut around the traced design and start punching. 
(When cutting around the design, the rounder edges stick better when ironed)
4. The finished punched necklace stencil.
5. Iron the freezer paper SHINY SIDE DOWN onto the T-Shirt or Onesie. Be sure to iron it down WELL. (DO NOT pull up the stencil, once it is ironed, it can't "stick" again, you would have to start ALL over! So place it correctly the first time.)
6. Place foil inside the shirt to keep from bleeding to the other side. Start to paint the stencil, EVENLY. If you paint in un-even layers it will stay that way. Let dry, and paint another coat. 
(I always do at least 2 coats of fabric paint)
7. When dry, peel off the freezer paper. Make a small bow with ribbon to match the fabric paint, and hand sew in place. 

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  1. This is adorable and one of the many reasons I pray I have a girl someday! :) Pinning this!

  2. I think this is so neat! Going to try it! Could you use puffy paint for a little texture?