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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun Foam Monsters

Hello from vacation! We are loving the time we're spending with family and friends. I cant wait to show you all the projects I have been working on here. Now... onto the post!

These little foam monsters were so fun to create with my little June. Only we can't call them "monsters" at our house, they are "CREATURES." When you say "monster" she FREAKS! So, these are "monsters" to the world but "creatures" to us. Ha ha. Anyway, the best thing I love about these is I made some into magnets and some into puppets on sticks. I hot glued little magnets on the back or tongue depressors.  
We also used them as a lesson. We have family night on Mondays and we have little lessons. We talk about our week and what to expect, we have a lesson, game, family spotlight and treat. Our lesson with the foam monsters was focused on everyones differences. Some people may not have legs or arms, some may just have one eye, or look funny but God loves us all the same, and we should love everyone too. It was short and sweet but it got the point across. Plus it was great to let the kids play with the toys/object lesson all they wanted! 
See how easy they are?!

Just craft foam paper, googly eyes, and hot glue

What fun little friends! 

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  1. This is so cool! This is truly fun for kids. This craft is indeed awesome in all ways. This is going to be perfect for the weekend. I’m pretty sure my daughters would absolutely love this creation. This is so exciting to make. Thanks for sharing this creativity.