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Friday, December 13, 2013

Jingle Bell Bow Ornament

My little June (who turns 3 next week) and I made this little Jingle Bell Bow Ornament together yesterday. She LOVES making ornaments of her own to add to our tree. We were given all of these supplies except the ribbon from We LOVE the colors and fun textures it gives to our crafts. Juney and I sure love to craft together! Here's how to make this little jingle jangle with your little one!

Start stringing the assorted colored jingle bells with your sparkle elastic cords.

Have them string their name in these fun metallic alphabet beads - I love June's upside down U!
Tie them both into loops.

Tie both loops or cord together and grab your ribbon.

Tie all 3 ribbons into a bow all at the same time. 
With the extra cord, tie it around around the bow and make an extra loop for hanging!

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