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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shred Your Chicken with a Hand Blender!

Need a fast way to shred your chicken? How about using your hand blender? One day I was tired of using my 2 forks shredding the chicken by hand, until it dawned on me that I could use my hand blender! IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! No more double forkin' it to shred my chicken! This takes SECONDS! IT'S AMAZING! 
Your life will forever be changed!

Place halved chicken breasts into salted water (or chicken broth) and boil until center isn't pink.
Drain the chicken from the water (or broth) and place in a metal bowl. 
Grab your hand blender and go to town! Spice it up with chili powder - herbs - sauces etc.
You name it, you can add it! 
Our favorite it adding our Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce! YUMM! 

We use shredded chicken in tacos, on salads, in enchiladas, in lettuce wraps, the list goes on and on. 
I am SO glad I thought of this! It will make my life SO much easier! I hope it makes your life easier too!

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