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Monday, January 27, 2014

Kids Travel Packet

Hello all! Today I'm sharing a small gift I put together for a dear friend who was traveling with her 2 year old. They were going to be flying and driving, and I knew it would be nice to have something "new" to keep her busy. I threw this together in 5 minutes. These are all things my little girl loved to do when she was 2. My mom is a genius. One time sitting in church my little girl (at the time was 2) would NOT sit still - so my mom pulled out a stash of stickers. HALLELUJAH! She was so intrigued with the stickers on her hands and putting them on paper. After that, I won't go ANYWHERE without some stickers in my purse. This is a great little present for children of any age - weather they are traveling, going to church, doctors appointments or moving. 

Contents of the Packet:

1 stack of stickers - I love a variety -especially animal stickers for small kids (they love to make the sounds)

1 small packet of crayons (they give them for free at a lot of restaurants - If you have multiple children only use one package for your kids and save the other!)

2 small notepads - made with typing paper, scrapbook paper scraps and staples

Cut a small stack of typing paper. 
Take a few scraps of scrapbook paper and cut 2 long strips for the top. Place the strips of paper over the stack of typing paper and staple all together.
Take a paper punch or cut out a design for the front- then glue it in place.

*you can add snacks into the little packet or anything else you think would keep the kids entertained!

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