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Thursday, June 4, 2015

LDS Quiet Book/Folder (Make your own!)

Have you collected a surplus of Friend magazines over the years? Well if you have, you're not alone. I grew up watching my mom collect these magazines for FHE packets and primary lessons. 

My sister recently gave me a whole bag full of Friend magazines she didn't need and told me to use them up! I was thrilled! Thanks Candace!
I looked through each one and cut out the pictures, stories, bright ideas, hidden pictures, and puzzles from each one! I know this will help with our reverence in our church meetings, maybe it can help your family too! If your kids are old enough, get them involved! They can make one too!

1. Cut and gather your favorite pictures, stories, notes, little games etc. from your Friend magazines. 

2. Glue the pictures onto a piece of normal typing paper- front and back.
(you can use colored paper too!)

3. Slip the newly made pages into plastic sheet covers. 
(you can use a dry erase marker on the games, to circle or write on the books, then simply wipe off with a dry cloth or napkin) 

4. Place the plastic covered pages into a 3 ring "brad" folder. 

And Enjoy! 

My kids are so excited about these. They loved them this past Sunday, they keep asking to see them again. But I know that the newness will ware off and they won't be interested when we get to church. These are ONLY for SUNDAY! 

I made at least 4 pages in each folder of just Jesus pictures and stories. 
We focus on these while they pass the sacrament to keep reverent.

Happy Quiet Booking!

Need gifts, games, and decor to make your home more of a holy place?
Check out the LDS Bookstore! They have great products and even better prices! 

Want more ideas?

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