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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 fun "Boredom Busters"

Are your kids bored today? With weather getting colder and not as much play time outside, it gets harder and harder to entertain your kids. Well, here are 5 kid tested activities to help you wipe the boredom blues away. 

Play with snack time food! I bring out the pretzels and animal crackers and we make a "Snack Zoo!" We've also made a pretzel alphabet, shapes and rainbows with our snacks! Make snack time fun! 

My kids LOVE - LOVE - LOVE to play in the sink! Get out a few bowls, measuring cups, spoons etc. and fill up the sinks with water and bubbles! If the water gets all over the floors and counters - even better! Simply wipe down the counters and floor that were probably on your "to do list" any way! Good CLEAN fun! 

Play "Left Over Cafe!" My kids LOVE this! I put a funny apron on and we play restaurant! I take an inventory of what leftovers we have in the fridge - along with easy pantry food - (PB&J's breakfast cereal etc. things that don't require cooking) The kids feel like they're going out to eat, and mom doesn't have to cook! Win - Win!

Table tent day a.k.a. "fort day" is always a favorite in our house. I get table cloths and drape them over our dinning room table then let their imaginations go wild. Our Table Tent has been a castle, cave, house and more. Easy and fun!

Mattress slide/ trampoline is probably the boredom buster we do most often. We don't have an outdoor trampoline so this is the next best thing! We upgraded our mattresses a few months ago and have been keeping these in a storage room to grab out for fun! We lay them on the floor like a trampoline or prop them on the couch for a slide! SO FUN!

We hope you enjoyed these 5 boredom busters and hope you got a few ideas for your own family! Kid's are AWESOME!

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