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Monday, May 15, 2017

Camper Color - Just Add Pillows!

We recently purchased a camper and I am STOKED! AHHH! 
I grew up camping my whole life and I can't wait to spend family time in the mountains, and raise my kids around nature. 

The camper/trailer we purchased is VERY nice. I was expecting a fixer upper and was shocked when we ended up buying this one. I am BEYOND excited for the camper and can't wait for us to play games, roast smore's, and play in the stream. 
But before we take off to the mountain this summer, I wanted to make a few MINOR colorful decor items to make this already lovely camper even more fun and bright! 

I am CRAZY about cabins and trailers with PLAID! I LLOOOVVEEE PLAID!!!! I had left over plaid fabric from a table runner and pillow I had made this last year for Christmas. So I went digging, and grabbed the plaid from my fabric collection. I was able to make 3 pillows from that! SCORE! But they were all the same pattern. Sigh... I wanted MORE PLAID! Well, I knew who to call.... My MOM! She is the queen of fabric. I asked her if I could check out her plaid stash to see if I could use any. WOOWWWEEE! She hooked me up, BIG TIME! My mom had a TON of red and black plaid fabric that she had bought in the 80's! And guess what?! IT'S STILL IN FASHION! Because red and black plaid NEVER go out of style; it's always classy! She has GREAT taste! My dear, angel mother, let me use most of her fabric to make pillows to spruce up my camper. She was just as excited as I was to use up her collection! (THANKS for the fabric MOM!) So here it is. The reveal of what it looked like before, and what it looks like now, just by adding pillows! 

Here resides a very HAPPY CAMPER!

In case you missed my INGENIOUS invention from last year, here it is! 
Nutella Smore's! Use Nutella instead of hard chocolate! It's already gooey and melted! SERIOUSLY AMAZING, you will never go back.


Fishing with my dad then, and fishing with my dad last year! Love you dad!

I'm so excited we can continue to go camping as a family and surround ourselves with the beauty that God has created for us!

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