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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Make your own Fruit Pizza!

I have wanted to post my Fruit Pizza for a while now, but it always seems to be gone before I get a picture of it. Hmmm.... I wonder how that happens?!

Well, this last "movie night" I was determined to take a picture before we even took a bite! 
I always make a treat for movie night, it makes the evening fun and different. This "Make Your Own" version of Fruit Pizza made our night together even better! The kids could choose what they wanted or didn't want on their "cookie" pizza. That way, I didn't have to worry about fruit going to waste with picky little fingers! 
It was AWESOME and fun; A BIG hit at our house!

(My little boy doesn't like to mix things, so having fruit on the side was a big bonus for him. He could not get over putting fruit on a cookie! It just didn't compute with him. Ha ha)

Make this fun dessert, by having a build your own version, or cover the "pizza" with fruit perfectly laid out for a shower, brunch or party! Both ways ROCK!

Pizza Dough

1 tube of packaged sugar cookie dough

Grease a large pizza pan or a cookie sheet with cooking spray

Use your fingers and press the dough to evenly to cover the pan. Remember to leave an inch or 2 on the sides of your pan, because yes, it's a giant cookie, and cookie dough GROWS! 

Bake your "Cookie Pizza Dough" at 375' for 12-13 minutes

Let your pizza cool while you make the frosting!


1 pkg. Cream Cheese - softened
1 c. Powdered Sugar

Mix together both ingredients with a hand blender or kitchen aid until smooth.

Frost your "cookie pizza."


Wash and cut up any fruit you want on your pizza! 

Keep the fruit on the side for a "Make your own" version, or arrange the fruit to your hearts desire on the frosted pizza!


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