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Monday, May 27, 2013

Paper Plate Balls - Enchanced

A few months ago I posted a tutorial on how to make Paper Plate Balls. They are fast, inexpensive and make a fun addition to any room or party. I was so excited to make them even better for my little girl's room. I had so many wonderful comments on the post I decided to paint them like everyone had suggested, and like I had in mind all along! So, here they are, "Painted to near Perfection." I am so pleased! I didn't use spray paint like I thought I would, but I used watered down acrylic paint instead and just colored the "triangles." I like the white and the color, it gives a different dimension. The soft pop of color makes her room look even more fun! Thanks for the INSPIRATION everyone! 

To learn how to make Paper Plate Balls, click HERE

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