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Friday, May 3, 2013

Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce

I am crazy about Mexican Food! I always have been and I always will be. I never get tired of it. Whenever we go out to eat that is always on my list. I love to recreate it at my home. I have been posting things here and there of our favorite Mexican dishes. This mild Green Enchilada sauce takes the cake for sauces! IT IS AMAZING! It definitely wins 1st prize over all canned enchilada sauces. We have been enjoying it with our Oven Broiled Enchiladas lately. We had tacos last night, and "green sauced" those up too! This is going to be awesome for Cinco De Mayo on Sunday! I can't wait to make and eat all the good food! Here is a list of what I have posted that can be used for your celebration! Have an AMAZING weekend full of fabulous food!

Green Enchilada Sauce

Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce

1 T. Olive Oil 
1 Small Onion - sliced
3 Garlic Cloves - minced
1 Green Bell Pepper - seeded
1 Jalapeno - seeded
about 8 tomatillos - husked
1/4 bunch of cilantro
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cumin
2 c. chicken broth

In a large pot saute onion and minced garlic in the olive oil until onions are transparent, and both smell wonderful. Meanwhile, while that is sauteing grab a blender and start cutting and seeding your veggies. Place them all in the blender. When onion and garlic is done, add those in the blender as well. Blend all the veggies and chicken broth together, leave out the salt and cumin. Blend until smooth. Transfer the blended sauce into the large pot, add the salt and cumin. Simmer on medium for 10-15 min or until desired consistency. Garnish on your favorite dishes! DELISH!

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  1. Sounds great! I love enchilada sauce! On my list to try!

  2. Nice! I am so lazy I just buy a can of enchilada sauce. Haha. Thanks for sharing at Sweet & Savory Saturdays #11.

    ~Amber @ Dessert Now, Dinner Later!

  3. Instead of tomatillos do you think you could use poblanos or other mild peppers?

    1. Tomatillos are not peppers, they're in the tomato family so I would think not.

  4. Mmm... I love green enchilada sauce. It's my favorite!

    Thanks for linking up at Much Ado About Monday. We hope to see you back next week!


  5. Thank you so much for this recipe my chickhen enchiladas taste better with this sauce .better then the can