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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scrap Material Play Food

I had this inspiration a long time ago when I saw a felt food basket from Ikea. It was DARLING! A light bulb went off in my head at that time and I thought, "hmmm.... I could make something like that, I have a whole bunch of scraps I could use." We made a kitchen from a night stand (coming soon) for our little girl for Christmas. Why not make some food to go with! So I did! It has been AWESOME! And I know no one in the world has the same food! All unique and one of a kind! I love one of a kind things! Check it out!

The lettuce took me a LONG time and I broke 2 needles! I think it turned out the best! It was worth all the blood, sweat and toil. I used a thick LONG strip of green canvas, olive green ribbon and a fun old green polka dot material for the back,

The apple turned out cute too, it was just a big ball for a while, then I thought, why don't I tighten the middle with a string going through the top and bottom of the apple? So there is a knot you can't see on top and on the bottom to make it look more "apple" shaped.

This is a wash cloth! Ha ha, it has the same texture as broccoli! 

This tomato pin cushion was also inspiration. My little girl grabbed it one day - thank heavens there were no pins in it, but pretended to eat it! At that moment I knew it would be fun to make her some play food! They have been SOO fun and kid friendly! 

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  1. Great idea!! How fun! They are all too cute! The apple looks soo real! :)

  2. wow, so fun!! I love the lettuce... so impressive :o) Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays! Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

  3. Oh, how darling! I love the lettuce!

    Inspired Weekends 18

  4. Great idea! I bet your little ones love their special play food. :)

    Thanks for linking up at Much Ado About Monday. We hope to see you back next week!


  5. Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays at Nap-Time Creations... you are being featured this weekend.. head over and check it out... would love if you added my featured button to this post :o)

  6. This is so stinkin' cute! :) Love the textured terry cloth for the broccoli!

  7. These are adorable! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing at Sweet & Savory Saturdays #12!

    Dessert Now, Dinner Later!