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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Paper Wreath

I made this darling paper wreath in about 10 minutes, and look how cute it is! I love bringing the fall season colors into my home! The reds, deep greens, creams etc. They are just lovely together. This is very fast and makes a fun statement to any door or room. Check it out! Just glue and paper! 

Cut your 12x12 Fall papers into 6x6 squares. Just cut the paper in half, then in half again! 

Take the squares and roll to make "cones"... like this.

Glue the paper down on the fold.

Repeat until all papers are rolled and glued into "cones."

Cut the ring off a paper plate for the back.

Place all of your glued "cones" in the order you want and glue them down to the paper plate. When done gluing all of the cones, take some ribbon and glue to the back. 

To cover all of the tips to the cones that meet together in the middle, simply glue 2 green single silk leaves down, then 1 yellow leaf on top for the finishing touch!

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