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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Make your own Fairy Garden

My little June (almost 3) was BEAMING when we got this in the mail! One of our awesome Sponsors are or Horizon Group. They sent us this DARLING kit for free! These kits are available at Wal-Mart in their gardening center. June SOO enjoyed putting this together. She loved all of the flowers! We can't wait to actually plant some in the spring! This was fun for the both of us, and brought the feeling of the great outdoors, inside! Check it out!

The kit came with everything but the dirt - (or rocks) and the flowers! AWESOME!
I asked June what she wanted - a dirt garden or a rock garden, she chose rocks! Ha ha.

We filled the box up with rocks - and she got to place the tree, fence, fairy, bird, butterfly, bird bath and welcome sign. She LOVED being "in charge!"

The kit came with a small bag of little stones so she loved pouring those in along with her other rocks.

This was her FAVORITE part! I spent a whopping 2 dollars on silk flowers and I cut the stem with wire cutters about 3-4 inches past the bloom. We cut it that length so it would stick in place between the rocks. See her face? She felt so "BIG" when mom let her do this whole thing! 

I also did something I only learned working at a flower shop. With silk flowers, the leaves along the stem can be used as well. Well, some of the stems had leaves in the middle, so I would cut the bloom with the stem, and I would take the left over leaves along the stem and cut another stem below the leaves to make it look like a "bush" or something. So you get 2 "stems" of flowers or "bushes" for the garden out of one!
 (You can see it in the 2nd to last picture)

This was so cute, she kept smelling the flowers before placing them in her garden! I LOVE THIS!

At the end, for the finishing touch, the kit came with glitter! She got to sprinkle a glitter packet ALL OVER her magical garden! 


See in the bottom left corner? The dark green leaves are one of the left over leaves along the stem we made into a "bush."

She sure loves her Fairy Garden! 

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