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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Resort Tortilla Pizzas

Last night was a funny night to say the least. I was excited as usual to have my dinner in the crock pot all day so when it came to dinner time it was ready. Well we were trying something new for the blog, and man did it go WRONGGG! I tried a "citrus chicken" all it is was, was orange juice - chicken and a little brown sugar. Sounds perfectly easy and delicious right...??? WRONG! UGHHH!! It was GROSSS!!!
I am telling you all this because ALL people make yucky meals once in a while they can't live down. Believe me this was one of them. We all couldn't even gag it down. I don't want you all thinking that I'm a master chef who never makes mistakes. Because I'm just a wife and mom like many of you who loves to try new things. I'm proud to say, most work, but some don't.

Well needless to say, we were all left with a bad taste in our mouths and STARVING! I went right to the fridge and scanned with my "x-ray" vision (just like on TV). I saw we had some extra Healthy Homemade Tortillas I made previously- Mozzarella Cheese - and Pepperoni. I grabbed them, opened a can of tomato sauce and went to town! We made these Tortilla Pizzas as a last resort and I am very pleased to tell you they were AWESOME! I don't think I will ever buy a frozen pizza again because everyone can make it the way they want and it is a lot healthier.

Tortilla Pizzas:

1 can tomato sauce 
Mozarella Cheese

Optional - 

Pre-heat the oven to 400 to get hot. Place one healthy homemade tortilla on a cookie sheet - place a few spoon fulls of tomato sauce on top. Garnish with cheese, pepperoni and your other favorite toppings. Make a few other pizzas as you go! Place the cookie sheet full of mini pizzas in the hot oven and change the oven to BROIL. Broil the pizza until cheese is bubbly and starting to brown. Take out - cut and EAT! This is FAST AND EASY for a last resort!


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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one who bombs dinner every once in awhile! My go to fix-it meal is usually pancakes because they are so quick, but these look much yummier!