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Friday, November 8, 2013

Give Thanks Sign

As I have said before, I LOVE FALL and Thanksgiving. It's one of my most favorite times of the year. I love the leaves, the cold outside and the warmth inside. I love the FOOD, the family and friends. I love it all. Well most of all, I love to think of all the things I am thankful for. I love seeing banners and signs that say "Give Thanks." Well I wanted one of my own. Everyone is on a budget and a lot of the things I make either come from things I have or I spend very little money making. This was totally free for me. I had a picture I purchased from a hobby lobby for $4 a long time ago and it had a scratch all along the front. But I know I can always change the picture! Well the "board" the picture was printed on was coming out of the frame, so I knew it was time to fix the picture and fix the frame! This is how I made my very own "give thanks" sign!

The broken "America sign" and fall scrap book paper

The board that had the picture printed on it was literally falling out, so it really just popped right out!

I took the scrapbook paper I wanted and put it over the picture and pressed along the edge to make a crease.

I turned over the creased paper and cut along the line.

I had 3 pieces of paper to cover the board.

I grabbed my Mod Podge and painted the bottom. When you put the paper over top of the glue push out any air bubbles to get a good smooth seal.

When done with that, paint more mod podge over top.

While that is drying I took some extra paper and cut out individual leaves like so...

These will hide my "seams" where the papers meet like this...

I put some extra leaves all over the board for added texture.

I printed out my words and took an exacto knife to cut out the letters.

When all was cut out I traced with a pencil the place of the words.

Then I started painting! I painted all my words/letters! I love the look of hand painted things, I think it looks more "rugged."

(WHAT A MESS! But it's worth it!)

The frame was a black/ distressed grey. I grabbed my brown paint and a WET paper towel. You take the wet paper towel and dab it in the paint, then "wash/rub" the paint onto the frame.

Put the frame and picture back together and this is what you have!


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