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Monday, August 11, 2014


This is NOT a sponsored post. I just want EVERYONE out there to have this "sunburn savior" on hand! This SAVED MY SKIN! 

My thighs have not seen sun light for quite a while. We have a family reunion in a couple weeks and I thought it would be best to have a little color on my neon white legs, so everyone doesn't need sunglasses to look at me. Well, within the first 15 minutes of the hot sun, I was feeling a little heat. I thought, "oh I'll be fine, its just hot outside." Well I was wrong. WHOO WEE! I got a sunburn, a GOOOD sunburn! I didn't know what to do. I started going through my cabinets like a mad woman trying to find something would cool my scorched skin. Aloe always helped to cool but never kept me from peeling. I remembered using this on my sore muscles, (which is AWESOME by the way) and when my husband had a skin irritation and thought, why not on my sunburn?

Well it worked! My sunburn was gone in 2 days and I never peeled! I called and told them how amazing it was on my sunburn and ordered some more! I told them about my blog, and they said that if I told all my readers about it, and you order online, they'll send you a free Lip Doc! Just type in the comment bar
and they'll send you a FREE Lip Doc!
I got some when I ordered more and it is AMAZING! It has an SPF 15 and actually HEALS your dry lips! This is an AWESOME FREE-BEE! DON'T MISS OUT! 

*FYI -Order the Sports Doc not the Xtreme Sports Doc, the Xtreme doesn't have the oils that prevent peeling. 

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  1. Aww man, I wish I would have known about this back at the beginning of the summer! I rolled up my jeans while we were on a day trip to the beach for Memorial day and got burnt so bad my shins turned purple! I haven't worn a single pair of shorts all summer because of the absolutely atrocious "capri" tan I've been rocking. Thanks for the tip though, I'll have to stock up for next year.