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Monday, August 4, 2014

Puppy Dog Party Bags

I am getting ready to throw my first puppy dog party! My baby boy turning 2! It's so hard to believe! I looked at my calendar and was shocked at myself for only having 1 month left to plan for a party. I normally start planning parties months and months in advance! Why do I plan ahead like a crazy woman you ask? Well, I plan ahead to find things on sale. I stock up on sale items early so when it's time to throw the party all I have to do it make food! Everything else is bought and finished. But, summer went by too fast, and now I'm running around trying to find and make what I need in a month's time. So this is the first of my projects for our puppy party. Puppy Dog Party Bags. I have to admit, these turned out EXACTLY like I wanted them to! DARLING! They were really easy too! I thought I would make them harder than easier, but it was so simple! Just cut out your shapes and glue them all together! They're so fun! I know they will make the party so fun!

Fold down the top of the brown lunch bag about 4-5 inches. This will be your "stand" for your puppy head.
Assemble the faces and glue onto the folded edge of the bag

Here are the basic shapes to the puppy dog faces

Head- large circle with a flat edge
Cheek flaps? (I don't know what to call them)- They resemble sunglasses
Tongue - pink ovals with a flat edge
Ears - 2 ways- perky short ears and long floppy ears
Nose- similar to a heart without the V at the top.ots

Spots/ Patches - I used my double sided brown paper and cut odd circles and ovals to make the eye spots/patches. They added SO much to the puppy faces! I had extra so I put some on the bodies too. 

Take a black pen or thin marker and draw eyes and "whisker" dots on the cheek flaps. Those definitely give the pup's their personality!

Here are the bags all finished and flat. If you like what you see, copy them as much as you want! 
I'd be flattered if you did!

Fill the puppy bags with dog treats or puppy snacks. I'm filling mine with dog bone shaped cookies!

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