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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bacon Apple Lunchwrap

Welcome to my new lunch addiction. After I made this the first time, I haven't been able to have anything else for lunch! It's fast, easy and sends your taste buds in a whirl! It's sweet, salty, crunchy and fabulous! Take this to work, make it at home, make it for a lunch date, eat on the go. That's why I LOVE lunchwraps, they're so versatile! They can be wrapped up and eaten on the way or enjoyed comfortably at your home. Take a good look, I'm changing your lunch life today.

Bacon Apple Lunchwrap

1 Healthy Homemade Tortilla (see recipe HERE)
1 slice of turkey lunch meat (optional)
2 pieces Turkey Bacon cooked to crisp-fection 
1 leaf romaine lettuce
1/3 apple - sliced (save the other 2/3 for the next 2 lunchwrap days)
1 spoonful of sour cream- swiped across the top

Roll all together then bite, crunch, and savor the flavors! 

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