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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Milk Jug Sandwich & Snack Saver

This is the first year I send a child to school. Even if it is Preschool I want her to be prepared for the start of many years to come. I know I will be making lots of these sandwich/ snack containers for more than just school. These can hold cookies, small toys, and crayons. Just about anything small can be put in one of these bad boys. To make this comes pretty cheap too. Just an empty milk jug, and scissors.
 Easy- peasy- lemon- squeezey. 
(I need to get back into those clever elementary school phrases.)

Milk Jug Container Instructions

Step 1: Rinse out an empty milk jug and remove the label.

Step 2: With a sharpie, draw out the pattern for the container.
 3 rounded sides short, and 1 rounded side long.

Step 3: Cut out the pattern previously drawn.

Step 4: Fold each flap inward so it stays in place. 

Fill with lunch, snacks or goodies! 

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